Men are on the run all of the Time.
They have not the time to slow down
Hence miss Life’s wonders as the railway carriage moves
Too swiftly past the standing beauteous moment.
Men cannot tell the Truth
Even to themselves let alone to others, so they
Constantly live in an imaginary World.
I who watch the story in Kyoto unfold
On an imagined setting ponder who amongst the three :
A Priest, a Commoner and a Woodcutter
Is closest to the Truth.
The wife of the Nobleman before the duel
Commenced discarded her loyalty to her husband
Announcing that she would throw her lot with
Whomsoever won the duel and lived, thus
Safeguarding her future. It seems
There is no solid and sure ground to stand on
In Human affairs. Feelings hold sway and govern
Behaviour in this living milieu.
Truth is bendable like a supple Bamboo.
Time flows regardless through the chaotic Forest
Of existence. Yet the Mind,  the unknown,  extracts
Truths : the Hour  and  Minute hands 
Of a Clock coincide precisely at a fixed time
Oblivious to unpredictable actions emanating
From the dance of Humans. Mind sees
An unwavering Truth, True for all Time :
The exact moment when the two hands
Of a clockface come together between 1 and 2 o’clock
In the afternoon. Mind uncovers a Truth unseen
By actors immersed in the Social plane