The Institute of Reflection

A road map for clearer thinking

The Institute of Reflection

A road map for clearer thinking

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Are you really thinking for yourself?
Learning to reflect can dramatically enrich your lifestyle.
Western Meditation

Western Meditation

Occidental Meditation should come out of the closet. Cults and beliefs emanating largely from the East may have an elevated aim but the time is ripe for a fuller appreciation of Western traditions of reflection. The habit of reflection per se is worthwhile. To meditate is distinct from some fashionable goals of ‘Meditation’. It is a path to practical wisdom and self-realisation and should be fully signposted.


Galileo famously handed his inquisition interrogators a telescope and bid them point it at the heavens, with the injunction: ‘Look through this!’. They declined, preferring to stagnate in their beliefs. Are you on the side of the inquisition or of Galileo? What refreshed beliefs about the seen and ‘unseen’ world can we take on board with a degree of confidence as a result of recent laboratory experiments?


Both as individuals and as societies, we are what we have thought. We should think again. What works or does not work for societies of today and for you and me? Do you accept the views of the great thinkers of the past, for instance Bertrand Russell? The diagnoses of serious modern thinkers who consider the well-being of our world – and the personal credos of ordinary folk who are not ‘teachers’ – can help attune mindsets to modern needs. How to live better adjusted lives? Reflective thinking can be about practical matters and beliefs. Do parts – or all – of the beliefs of others hold promise for your life?


A wholesome perspective is vital, the idea in Frederick Langbridge‘s couplet: ‘Two men looked out of prison bars / One saw mud, the other stars’. One may as well use the best tools that are to hand. It can be easier to think your own thoughts and find your best perspective when in a congenial space for a retreat. A Sanctuary is any place that you think is a sanctuary. You can design it for yourself but are welcome to drop in on our virtual sanctuary. It may help you feel comfortable in exploring what is important to you.


Reflection is meditation shorn of the baggage

We are inclined to devalue, even overlook the obvious, Everyone supposes they know how to reflect. To do it properly can propel you into lift-off.

Sir Malcolm Bradbury pioneered a Creative Writing course. Why? Writers potty trained in their craft? Kazuo Ishiguro and others deeply value his techniques. Reflection too is not as easy as it seems.

Reflection can be much more than a sweetie to suck at whim. On occasion one even may not like what it reveals.

There is so much to reflect on, whether Practical or Theoretical.

There are different ways to reflect, whether intellectual or ruminative.

You can actively rather than lethargically relax.

Do you know where best to reflect?

Reflection encourages us to dwell on fascinating subjects we often take for granted: the world…. who we are…why we are here….what we believe.

Research into brain waves – alpha, beta, and so on – show we are physically affected by how we reflect.

Our lives too – in spiritual and in daily terms – can be improved by reflection.

Happiness, peace of mind, better decision making, a constructive attitude, widening of horizons are all dividends paid by proper reflection.

These days when people absorb without sufficient thought much mindless vapourising, the art of Reflection has rarely been so needed.