One swallow does not make 
A summer. Then what about
Two swallows ? Thinking, thinking
Through, that makes me think
Again. Yes two might
Mean that summer is here.
James who lives near, here
A few miles away, adjacent to
An inland Lake close to the Sea
Just phoned me to say
That over the last four hours
He had seen many thousands
Of swallows flying past his cottage.
I begin to wonder about Numbers
Objects and their relation to
Observable Phenomena. In some
Cases, it is most difficult to observe
A boundary line :  fading orange
Of a sunset and the rising
Rosy morning sky ;  I cannot really
Differentiate between them clearly in my mind.
Things are sometimes blurry
Running into another seamlessly
Like different colours in a painting.
I feel at one just watching
A white full moon in the sky
That makes here and there a one