Divine Nostalgia

I remember when I created the Sea
And all the living things emanating from ME,
How I found unutterable delight
In the effulgence of my own light;
Feeling and hearing and knowing and seeing,
The astonishing Bliss that makes up my Being.
And now, inexplicably, I find
Another ME, permeating Mind;
Enmeshed and trying to escape detection
Gazing at my fragmented reflection
Through the distorting prism of Time
Trying to fathom this senseless Mime
And Now, in every OTHER, I seek
The way back to primordial peak,
Trying to see through blinded sight,
Plucking rainbows from the night:
And in every sparkle of colour I see
I find my soul crying:- ”I am That:
That is me.”!