Muktananda (Alias Orpheus)

He takes us through indispensable stages
From unconscious to conscious cognition
Of Truth – Unity – the Absolute
Via immediate apprehension.
In the depths of His Being – He bypasses cumbersome logic
Ascending to Supental dimensions.
Impossible to share experience with the concrete symbols of
Empirical language.
Through Faith alone
Comes the transposition of Supersensuous Insight.
Born of Ecstatic Union.
He earned the right to transmit Power,
To transmit knowledge wrenched from the Guardians of
The Tree.
His Thunderbolt Manta – suffused with meaning
Unleashes sub-conscious processes, dormant for centuries;
Detonating Intuition to spontaneous combustion.
The Serpent is on Fire
As we swoon into Godhead.