Justin Abrahams ( Infused Knowledge | Beyond Human | Justin Paul Abraham – YouTube ) and author of viz ‘Beyond Human’ has a deep love for the teachings of Christianity. He is a science teacher. He draws on the latest scientific findings as well as mystic traditions and Eastern-inspired practices of Meditation. A recital of the holy name of ‘Jahweh’, for instance, can be like a mantra. The all-powerful white light and an encircling world spirit – to precis some among many of his beliefs which he finesses – come to practitioners with the force of revelation. A receptive state can be achieved after only a few weeks. He deduces updated proof of biblical truths from for instance brain scans before and after meditation and which demonstrate its efficacy. The bending of time-space, the theory of ‘entanglement’, the double-helix of DNA, and more, are prayed in aid to demonstrate his theories. In slumber the body and spirit are regenerated. Historical figures and fellow-travellers have had miracle-like knowledge including of scientific breakthroughs imparted to them in dreams. Angels and aliens then can be revealed to the believer. The Periodic Table and the double-helix spiral of DNA initially came to their discoverers as a result of dreams. There is a limitless understanding in all this which extends to any questions we wish to pose: a solution for clean energy by way of one example. The past and the future, the workings of the universe, the collusion between groups and between individuals, all are part of infusion of knowledge and light. The heart leads the way. The infusion of love imparts its knowledge from heart to brain; rapture can follow. This should be fun as a way of life rather than a slavish refusal to go outside anything that is traditional Holy Writ. There is no ‘big’ and ‘small’. it is all just as wonderful. We all manifest nature. Why limit yourself! You are the Oracle! You should transition to the New Age! Abrahams could be described as a latterday ‘Charismatic’.