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A new religion or creed or faith, as yet to be named, that is widely discussed and believed is coming into being.


A new religion or creed or faith, as yet to be named, that is widely discussed and believed is coming into being.

If we are in a Brave New World of newfound explanations concerning the eternal verities, what might we expect of a new religion? What context and tendencies in society at large gives rise to it? How would be coloured by the thinking going on in the wider world? Below are suggestions and possibilities of what might be expected:

  • It would be democratised – with everyman-and-woman having more say in his and her own perspective.
  • There could be an emphasis on the new power afoot, that of empowered women. If so, a premium may be set on the attributes traditionally ascribed to women more than men, like intuition, the importance of feeling, of love and compassion.
  • The ramifications of scientific discoveries are feeding into people’s perspectives, ranging from the views about dimensions other than space and time to some quainter aspects of the allegedly ‘unseen world’. ‘Waves’ and ‘Vibrations’ and so forth are demonstrable; the cosmos itself and nano-biology are opening up new perspectives even on divinity in the eyes of many people. All this has a ripple effect on core beliefs.
  • Over-Civilised western man is perceived as losing touch with his true nature as well as nature at large, a connection retained by Indigenous peoples. There is an attempt to recapture some of that fundamental hinterland in our minds which has been obscured by a widely-held Cartesian world view.
  • Revelations that struck biblical figures may be more common to the generality of people that previously supposed, and we can read about them, the internet having a big part to play in the circulation of ideas.
  • Many of the old certainties no longer hold good. The idea of ‘certainty’ itself is under fire, even in science. People still feel the old need for certainty but can pin more faith in new, and fascinating, hypotheses.
  • Many exponents of New Age faith set themselves up as teachers, there being less call for an identifiable founding prophet. People today – with traditional religions often on the wane – relish a freedom to pick and choose.
  • Sanctions characterising traditional religions such as hellfire – a need to underpin good ethics and the need for a ‘stick and carrot’ encouragement remain but surface anew under the guise, for instance, of a more ‘user-friendly’ law of karma; people are less liable to transgress if they will get it in the neck themselves.

There are a number of ways that such a faith or religion – if the theory finds favour – is interpreted though an umbrella corpus of writing is yet to be codified.  There are certainly many new articles of faith that find increasing acceptance.

Reincarnation is more widely given credence today though it has had mention in the major religions, the Jewish teaching going one step further than most by suggesting that souls are reincarnated on earth into the same tribe or group in which a former existence took place.  Reincarnation has an intellectual saving grace.  It helps explain injustice.  Question: What did innocents killed do to deserve this fate?  Answer:  it was retribution for what they did in a previous life.  It is incidentally cold comfort for those who feel that the world’s dangers are becoming so threatening that they do not want to bring children into it: they aren’t going to escape this cycle so easily, not if there is reincarnation.

There are a whole clutch of esoteric speculations about the power and godhead in all of us, often originating in Eastern traditions.  These are sometimes lent new credence by the latest scientific discoveries. They comprise a new Vade Mecum on Faith that people appear to need as a bedrock for their lives.  They include – in a non-exhaustive list: the rays from the universe that affect us; ‘synchronicity’ replacing in the minds of many mere ‘co-incidence’; a vogue for the ‘Unseen World’ in its many guises; different non-human dimensions which our minds being biologically-constituted with five senses are unable to grasp; energies, waves and vibrations affecting all of us; ‘Guardian angels‘ replacing those angels vaunted in scriptures; and so forth.

This new religion has its  leading light, votaries and a variegated methodology. Reiki is but one instance, a form of energy healing in which practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through their palms to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing. The idea that the body is a ‘temple’ – a telling use of the word – has spawned a whole industry dedicated to nutrition that updates the concept of ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body‘.  Life Coaches and spiritual teachers wax lyrical about their nostrums. Mindfulness has become for many a way of life.  And so on…

In PERSONAL CREDOS, Tsuruko, Valerie, Akako and ‘Helen’ are perhaps devotees of this new Faith though they have different ideas from one another.

Iryna, see below, is a proponent of this new religion.  She would jib at the idea of being ‘a Priestess’ let alone a Prophet – this is a non-exalted religion for everyone and everyone has the right to their own take on it.

Iryna has written in Russian and what is below is in the main a computerised translation. Irina spoke and wrote in a flow of dialogue or writing that was not a structured lecture. On occasion below, the exact nature of what she was trying to get across may be adrift on nuances.

Iryna says

We are in harmony with the cosmos, feeling vibrations and energy. The last generation understands more. Our senses circulate and come back to us. We have past lives and we learn in every life.

We must love everyone or our negative feelings will be restored to ourselves.

Everything happens with a purpose. Our Angels look after us and see what we need better than we can.

I know this from experience. If we open our brain – our chakra – we will see the truth of what I am saying.

Stress causes its own problems. You have to trust yourself and love yourself. You must speak to your angels; even talking to water can help. Water stores information. You program yourself. The wrong foods can destroy us, such as sugar. Eat garlic, lemon, fruits, nuts, vegetables….

What is planetary meditation? This is a meditation aimed at raising the vibrations of the entire planet Earth for its purification and healing, in order to accelerate the process of spiritual awakening of all mankind. These meditations affect every person on earth, especially those whose higher selves agree to it. Therefore, through these meditations, you can directly influence this reality and help in raising the vibrations of planet Earth.

We are not just spectators or passive observers, each of us can do the work of Light since you are conscious workers of Light, in order to awaken All of humanity that is sleeping and cannot come to spirituality through their daily worries and entertainments that take a person away from his true destiny and awareness of who he is on this planet and why he came to this World.

I am Divine Light bringing Peace, Unity and Love to people!

The law of receiving energy is the key to all doors.

Correct energy exchange with the surrounding world is the ability to admire the beauty of the object in front of you. You need to look at the object until you feel a surge of positive energy, love. It seems that you are admiring, but you immediately reproduce the higher energy, automatically you begin to give energy to the outside, through positive emotions-vibrations. Thus, you open from above for higher energies – vibrations for positive egregors. For this, the Universe begins to give you energy several times more than you gave. You become just a conductor through which the higher energies of love begin to circulate in space. You do not parasitize, you do not take it away from other people, but you develop it yourself. You become a mini-power plant connected by positive thoughts with a higher infinite source of energy.

As people usually exchange energies, they pull from each other. They are forcibly taken away during scandals, claims and other conflicts, or they complain about their lives or criticize the government.

These are all low frequency energies that take away strength and health. People run away from such people as quickly as possible. But if you know how to be filled with energy competently on the vibrations of love and gratitude you become like a higher principle. You become an energy millionaire and a conductor of higher vibrations. You are just a wire through which an endless stream of energies flows.

You are a walking firefly, you are like a flashlight illuminating everything around, you are a harmonizer of space on earth.

You reproduce positive emotions through admiration and immediately receive three times more energy from above. This is the most environmentally friendly way to fill with the energies of the cosmos.

After that, you can direct this energy to any object or person. You can give it without harm to yourself, even to energy vampires.

If a person is in the dark about how to save energy and fill up, then you can help him.

Remember the principle, the more you give, the more comes from above. How to calm a brawler, aerobatics – work with this exercise. When they shout at you, and you send this person sympathy and gratitude for something real and sensible. Send him sympathy and love until a counter, powerful stream of love for this person comes from above. As a rule, after that, any person calms down, since you thereby calm him down on a subtle plane and fill his bio-field with positive vibrations. He also goes upstairs with you.

Of course, one must grow to such consciousness. I give first and expect nothing in return. I give, and I get tripled and even more. These laws must first be believed, and then simply verified. And they work 100 percent. Train every day and you will feel that this skill of filling with energies is growing day by day and becoming better. Where your attention is – in that world your energy.

The widely practiced methods of magical and energy protection no longer work. You do not need to protect yourself from each other if you are surrounded by the most powerful protection of a multi-dimensional radiant shell of the energy of love, this shell allows you to remain yourself. To keep one’s strength to oneself to be invulnerable to any evil and at the same time not to be separated from the whole, not to oppose oneself to the world. Any opposition to the world right now will do you harm everything that unites you everything that you find in common with others is good for you.

Unification does not mean equalization; a single whole can consist of different parts that are completely different from each other; your biological organism is also a single whole, but how many different cells does it have. They have completely different functions, principles of action, and all the groom form a single whole living organism. If all cells were the same, it would be a very primitive organism; if we imagine each person as a cell of the universe organism, one can imagine how complex and earthly this organism is

Treat with understanding dissimilar different people to each other.

Now the time has come for the planet of new energies, there is a change in the planet and people at the cellular level. This is called the quantum transition of the planet earth into a new higher dimension. In the space of the planet, the earth is vibrating all this time, we have been in three-dimensional density all this time and now we are rising above the fifth dimension. Our planet for the universe is also a living organism, just like we are for it. We are in a universe where there are certain planets that belong specifically to our universe, and together with them our planet ascends, it goes through its development path just like people we are on this plane. The planet is a large organism and it is alive, it has chakras just like ours, it has thin bodies, and it glows, it breathes, it gives us life and every cell and it is also the creation of the creator

I consider myself an old soul on this planet, and since all my cells, my whole body feels it, I know and am sure that I am the creator of this planet and I came to this world. We are old souls and we are the creators of this planet before it even existed, our reincarnations have been going through this stage of rebirth for a very long time.

Three years ago, my soul opened up and I began to observe myself as changes took place with my consciousness that new people began to come into my life, new events and everything around began to change. All this happened at the level of intuition, I received signs from the space of the universe, but I still could not explain what it meant and the Internet gave me a very big impetus, I began to develop, look for programs that spoke for my soul.

Why is it given to Russian people to lead our planet into development? It goes very deeply from the roots of our ancient Slavic history. We are conductors of light on this planet, which means that our bodies, as conductors of light, pass through themselves a large amount of energy, dissipating it around and launching it deep into the earth. This is how we connect with our earth, cleanse its inner space with light through ourselves and let the flows back into space, this means that we are connected to outer space through our bodies. You must always remember who you are on this planet and who you are inside yourself. This is the understanding of the God of man, because God prevails in us. This is the spark of the original creator of the source from where we left.

When we are happy within ourselves, these energies are transmitted around the entire space, we begin to fill and glow with this light, and people feel it. This is our inner joy, that spark of creation.

The Universe guides us, and all thoughts and words reach the addressee.

Now the Earth is vibrating much higher than what Tesla wrote in the past.. And all people adjust to these vibrations.
Everything must be in harmony. If someone does not cope and falls behind, he receives his soul lessons and the universe’s clues about what needs to be changed in his life.

I give people FACTS. They wake up when they see them. You can train yourself to understand them.

I will tell a story that happened to my friend in Windsor, he works with autistic people who are not able to speak or think correctly.

He looked after the sick at night and sat at the table at his desk writing documents with him sat his head of his department. And at that time, a patient of this hospital approached them from one of the wards and began to explain to him in an indistinct language and shout that something was standing behind him, pointing his finger. My friend and the boss looked at each other, could not understand what was happening, he began to wave his hands and point his finger behind his back. And then my friend realized what he meant behind him was an angel that a simple person could not see with his eyes, because people capable of feeling subtly space they were given this vision. And Yefim, my friend explained to the boss that he saw a creature called an angel of light, so he waved his hands like that and showed that something was standing behind him. My friend is a very bright spiritual person and therefore he understood that in his field there are bright beings such as our guardian angels. Our body has a chakra system; it consists of meridian energy centers and subtle bodies; ethereal, causal, mental and emotional. Old souls came to this planet to help the planet rise and awaken people, this is the most important task in our incarnation. They came to this planet from different stars that’s why we are seed stars on this planet. And each seed was determined by the creator in the place where it should be located either in a country or in another continent, each seed – this person must carry his mission and his destiny. Therefore, we are conductors of light, beacons of light where we are, we are changing space, we are changing reality, and people around us are awakening. It depends on our awareness, on how correctly we think, how correctly we express intention and how correctly we bring light to people, showing love, joy, removing fears, removing all obstacles.

Iryna describes below an incident she experienced with fellow practitioners:
We were at a fireworks festival. It was amazing; there was a lot of light and energy, and so much joy, so much admiration. There were a lot of people, children and the elderly, and everyone was waiting for a miracle. No one yet knew what would happen here. When it got dark fireworks were set off. A lot of lights were above and admired.

Everyone was joyful and happy and everyone was filled with light and love. Music played and everyone rejoiced and was in the flow of energy., I entered the stream, attuned the space and I started doing meditation. It consisted in accepting energies and strengthening their effects on the entire environment through our inner joy. We accepted the message of energy and transfer them to the space of people and everything that surrounds us. When I accept streams as a conductor of light, I accumulate them in myself and transmit them through my light and body to the entire environment of people and to all space. Our inner state gives us more energy when we are in joy, in love, in happiness, in acceptance and share it with everyone. Mentally I directed the streams to all people, the entire stream of light of fireworks, so that particles of light would enter into every heart, into every soul. Space reflects these situations because people came up to me and asked me to take a picture of them, because I shot all this beauty of fireworks on the mobile phone. Everyone saw my joy and felt my inner (spirit) fill all space and people with light from this place I sent streams to the entire planet to every state each continent to our entire planet so that the light reaches every corner of our planet and affects

The next day I talked with my friend from Russia, I sent photos from the fireworks festival and talked about my meditation, how I spent in this space. And she heard my story, she stopped me and, in surprise, began to tell me what happened to her that same night at 1:00 am, she went out onto the balcony with her husband and saw fireworks and fires shooting She could not believe it because she said that they had not had fireworks and fireworks for a long time, only on some big holidays.

What does it mean that when we transmit energy at a distance, space reflects it and people feel it? This is how angels show us how energy works and how miracles happen When at 11:00 pm I did a meditation on a large field of space – this was transmitted to Russia and at 1:00 am since they have a two-hour time difference.

Iryna suggests the following videos are worthy of exploration