Personal Credo - Omar

Omar is after: “Finding that balance, staying happy not working too hard, financial stability.”


I'm quite a high energy type of person; I listen to music while I'm driving. I like to feed off of energy and emotion and just finding that balance of staying happy and not working too hard but also having financial stability. My personal happiness is based on financial stability, health and love of the people around me and as long as I've got financial stability and got good people around me to spend my time with there's not really a lot more; you've got a roof over your head that's all you can really ask for in life. And obviously having a purpose as well which is obviously goes into the bigger question of why are we here etc I believe Life's a test and that basically you know we're here to just find ourselves.

Everyone's got decisions to make in life. What I normally find what I find very interesting is when I am at my happiest and I feel like everything's sort of falling into place, you can never stay on cloud nine forever. There's always something around the corner that will test you and the important thing about sort of character building is being ready for the challenges that that life has for you. Every time I am on this
Cloud Nine and on this Utopia and I'm super happy there's always something around the corner which tests me. It's how you respond to that test and make sure you get back to Cloud Nine that's the important thing.

For example, I was on cloud nine four months ago everything was just falling into place, going very, very well. I just knew at the back of my mind that something sort of was around the corner and then lo and behold the week after my van broke down, the engine blew, which meant I was out of work for two weeks. I got that fixed and I got back to being happy again and then my van got broken into and I lost over four
thousand pounds worth of tools. There's always going to be challenges in life but it's how you deal with those challenges keep focused keep happy and treat people with respect and love.

I think Energy's infectious so if you've got a positive mindset you'll attract positivity.

(Interviewer) You've told me that since your last interview you had an experience which is unsettling in terms of a relationship. This you say will change the way you’d answer the question about what is important in life and what is important to you?

Absolutely so! Before I had a mindset that looking after others, being with family, friends etc was really important but now I've got more of a solo mindset. It's not because I'm sort of bitter that my relationship ended which was by my choice but everyone needs to take time out. We're all living in a rat race - we go to work nine to five, we come back, we do the dishes, we look after the children etc like we're always engaged mentally. We need to take a step back, think, breathe you know. We're not really as mammals (designed) to live that sort of lifestyle; we need time to contemplate, we're, you know, smart beings. You should contemplate what makes you happy. Everyone needs to focus on themselves. It's not my responsibility to make someone else happy and it's not their responsibility to make me happy. I've got to take control of that process. When you find two people who have found happiness within themselves then being together will increase that happiness. Those are the relationships that work best. Whereas if you meet your partner and she says ‘well he says that he wasn't happy before he met you and now you've, like, changed our world’ and they're relying on you for their happiness, I believe it probably won't last. this is something that I've learned as I get older. So taking care of yourself (is important). I'm not saying ‘be a narcissist’ and not be considerate of others but everyone needs that base foundation of happiness. You'll only get that from contemplation, making healthy right decisions and being honest to yourself.

A lot of people lie to themselves I've got friends that are in unhappy relationships, do the same thing day in, day out, they go to work come back have an argument or they do the same thing with their partner. They're not true; not living their best version of their life and the only way they can achieve that is being truly honest with themselves about what they want and can their partner give them that what they want. Everyone needs to act in their own self’s best interests because there's no point staying with a person because you love them and because you're used to that attachment. You've got to look past that attachment. Within 14 days of spending good quality time with someone, you should know.

What people don't realize is it can be reversed. It's just a feeling and you know if you're happy within yourself and you've got that mental strength you will find the strength to get over a person and you will find that ultimate sort of happiness. t's all about healthy decisions, healthy relationships, happiness and balance as well, when one person's committing a lot more than the other. A lot of girls and a lot of guys will say ‘I love you’ but do they actually love you or do they love what you can do or them and the comfort that you bring in that attachment. Those are two completely different things. I told my ex ‘Love, true love, is not being comfortable with an attachment and liking that person, true love is actually being selfless.’ I was being completely selfless with my ex. I would do things that was not in my interest that would benefit her and that is what true love is. The problem is when you do that and it's not reciprocated then you're not really loving yourself you're actually sacrificing to make someone else happy; you win if you are with the right woman or man and you're both (winners).

Being selfless, then whatever you give you'll get back you know tenfold and that's how good relationships work but the important pick is not just about relationships. It about takes 10 or 20 minutes out of the day - whether you go gym and that's your outlet, whether you like to sit in the car listen to music and let your thoughts flow. I just call it meditation it's got no religious affiliation but what I mean by that is sitting back, gathering your thoughts and just being honest with yourself about what truly makes you happy and how you want to progress in life. A lot of people just hide away from this with work that needs to be done or that something's bothering them like stress. It will take but just take literally one step at a time, take it slow, find your happiness and never settle for anything less than 100 per cent happiness. I think that's it. We can all be happy.