Personal Credo - John

'John’ wishes to leave the world a better place than he found it and observes some people duck out of trying to do this.

John is an entrepreneur and inventor. A transcript follows of the videos below.

The question is, as i understand it, ‘What is of significance and purpose and the meaning of life.’ The main purpose is to – the trouble is that it’s very hard not to sound pompous and arrogant and self-righteous – the purpose of my life, one purpose of my life, is to leave the world at least slightly better than the way I found it. It’s not a hugely high bar but it seems to be a bar that evades quite a lot of people. So, to make the world a better place. The world is a bloody enormous mess; human beings are capable of great kindness and great sacrifice and huge intolerance, arrogance which causes suffering. We have made a bloody mess of this planet. It’s our fault. I have a slightly biological perspective on life. I’ve done a degree in zoology; humans are nasty, violent apes who are also capable of being fantastic, creative, altruistic. So, we’re capable of the whole spectrum but whilst evil exists in this world, whilst the (President) Putins of this world exist, we’ve got a problem and we have to (keep) fighting (to put things right).