Personal Credo - Helen

Helen takes a cosmic view: “When the spirit enters the body, the soul is formed; when it connects with physical matter it forms the soul. I believe this is a journey that I have had; we are growing and we are learning.”

Helen is a high-powered business woman in the fashion and film industries where inter alia she raises finance.  Helen has a spiritual side that is far removed, it seems, from the material and competitive milieu in which she makes her living.

(Tape 1 – see below) There are certain aspects which have written in your spirit before we ever came here, in your inner being.  I believe our spirit was somewhere before it entered the body.  When the spirit enters the body, the soul is formed; when it connects with physical matter it forms the soul. I believe this is a journey that I have had; we are growing and we are learning.  

I had a powerful experience once when I had a nightcap.  People who saw us (Refers to a man friend) together could see an energy around us. There is something really incredible going on there.  I was very heart broken (in thinking about former days) but (….) used to be about there.  In the 70s and 80s in (German town) in order to fight racism he became an extremely colourful character. He would dance. I remember sitting in the dark and in that split-second he started dancing. I saw something in my nightcap that was his entire spirit; I didn’t know what the experience was at the time, it was very unique.  in a split second in my spirit I saw what this man was supposed to be; I could feel it. We had already split up. In that moment he was alone in a low space because the lockdown and because of the operation and he wasn’t able to work for a long time when I called him what I saw in that I could see in his eyes. I was able to remind him of who he is; he started crying.

(Tape 2) I believe right now we are living in a most exciting time that this earth has ever seen.  I cannot wait – though (there are things) I’m prepared for, so we’re not scared; I’m not trying to say ‘I’m a special person’, that’s not what I’m talking about.  I believe that whatever I’ve learned on the planet I’ve learned because when people start to (spout stuff at you? – indistinct) so don’t worry about it. 

Things are going to get really weird.  This whole Covid thing that has begun…in a way I think mankind has been brought to a place where it is out of control.  Though it’s a bad, a horrible, thing in itself, in a way it’s brought people to a place where they can think: ‘Maybe I’m not so much in control as I thought’, especially people who worship materialism.  They think they have it all worked out.  We haven’t!

Every day I learn something; it makes me feel like a baby.  I’m learning; every day I learn something fresh, spiritually.  It is the only way to be, humility, being humble…

(Tape 3) Certain people were persecuted by the Church.  St Teresa of Avila was brought in front of the Inquisition.  She was a Catholic nun.   Why was she brought in front of the Inquisition?  Why was it said that she had a devil?  She was engaging in the presence, in the light, of God.  She had a revelation of encountering ecstasy in the presence of God.  She would be lifted physically.  She started levitating, she was in a state of bliss. She was so full of joy that the nuns needed to pull her down.  She wore an extra long habit so people couldn’t say that she was taken off the ground.  Some people might not believe this story.  But I believe it. 

This happens now that people are taken off the ground in a state of bliss, of adoration.   They have been taken off this earth from one state into another realm.  You can go into this realm without having the bodily rising.  There came a moment when St Teresa was so far into the realm that her body began to long to be there, and she would be translated up, lifted up.  She couldn’t explain it to people. 

There was so much spiritual oppression around her.  Ghastly, really ghastly, individuals, really dark individuals, were running the Catholic Church at that time.  Not all of the people in the Catholic Church were like that.  Certain types of people.  They had a wrong Belief System. They would bully people.  How can anyone believe that God is involved in such practices.  It is not right.  You don’t hurt people.  It is all about love. What happened with Teresa, she was so filled with love, she was so filled with the love of God, that nothing would hurt her any more.  You could have even have thrown her into a pot of boiling oil. She wouldn’t have burned because her entire body was transfigured.  Transfigured into love.   

I’m on my own journey of discovery.  It started many years ago.  It began when I was a child.   There was something telling me. I wanted more.  I remember going for walks and saying ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is this place?’  It is like I had a revelation that I had arrived.  I came into my mother’s womb and I was in a place that bewildered me.  I remember crying.  

My family didn’t go to church.  It wasn’t a religious type family.   My grandmother was an orphan.  She was really badly abused in a convent by the Mother Superior.  It was horrendous what they did to her. My grandmother said ‘I believe in God’ but this was horrendous.  What they were doing to her.  It was psychological torture. I don’t like talking about it because it is dark.  She was hauled before the Mother Superior because her girlfriend had said ‘My mother had just given birth to a baby.   Children do not come out of flowers like the Mother Superior told us.’ The Mother Superior in the darkest of demeanour stood in front this young girl and said ‘You have committed a great sin.  You are a liar. A millstone should be put around your neck and you should be drowned in water!’ My grandmother saw this and was horrified. 

They would abuse the name of God; they would abuse the scriptures, basically twist them. They would say in the name of the Holy Ghost.  And tear their hair out like they were combing their hair.  I love the bible, the scriptures I find that they are a revelation to me. They would abuse the name of God. But they were twisting the scriptures.  They were using it like the Devil, basically.  There is no greater evil than that.  They were using something that was meant for light and twisting it into darkness.

(Tape 4) It is the spirit initially. … From the moment that you engage your heart, because your heart is connected with your spirit, you create a frequency and a vibration.  Everything is energy, is vibration. The words can break the darkness in people. For example you can see it In the orb.  In the orb you can see black spots.  You can see colours too. They have all different names. These things can be pushed away from someone. 

The world contains life.  Not life as in ‘I’m alive!’ in the normal terminology for life.  Life that is frequency, a vibration. Life eliminates death.  As soon as you fall into depression and darkness it is because of death.  Death is not just dying.  Death is a frequency and a vibration, an energy.  I believe – you might call me crazy – that there was a time when we as a species didn’t even die.  Death didn’t exist.  Death is something that was introduced.   

We are here to rediscover how to live outside of time, outside of space.  We have the capacity to do that.  I am very excited about the times we are in.   We are in a travail, giving birth to …   space, new knowledge, actually it is ancient knowledge.   We are regaining revelation as to who we really are, and that is what I’m very excited about.  In the days of Galileo when it was thought that the earth is flat it was flat, and it wasn’t, and all of a sudden people thought OMG it really isn’t flat.  This is one of those periods.  

We are living in a day when new knowledge will flood the world.  We are going to find out more about ourselves.  It is really shocking some of it.  Some of it will be scary; some of it will be ‘WOW!’ We are terrified of this.  We are living in a state of illusion.  We know all these things already but they need to be brought to our remembrance in spirit.  We need to quicken our body and our soul so that we remember who we actually are.  When it happens it is quite a revelation. …. I know this already.  I know!  But how do I know?  I have the sense that I know it.  But where do I know it from? This spirit knows everything.  Everything is written in our inner mind.  When it hears something that sounds true,… it begins to vibrate.  That is something that will change.

Tapes 5 & 6 not available here) are a personal account of how Helen tried to go back in time on meeting up with an old flame and only then fully realized that since then she had tried to recreate with other boyfriends that relationship that stalled many years earlier.

(Tapes 7)  It’s all about frequency… so what this priest (referring to an ancient ceremony) would do was he would get himself ready all right and basically burn the incense and create a certain type of frequency and then there was also worship involved. What is worship? it’s sound. What is sound?  Sound is light. Sound is frequency. Even as a musician I know that my words contain light not just vibration.  It’s a vibration, a wave.  Remember again quantum physics. They would do this worship kind of a thing and then they had a breastplate which was called ‘the Omen’ and ‘the Thurman’ which had nine stones, i think.  It had nine stones, different crystals, in this breastplate and when you see pictures of the ancient Hebrew priests you will see all of it was instructed by the presence of ‘Jahweh’ (Various different names of Jahweh referred to).  Then what they would do they would stand; there was this amazing (indistinct)

You can do this.  It’s a powerful prayer.  The priest would stand like that; and that was a kind of a symbol that he would make with his hand, and he would stand in this direction and then he would turn into the other direction in accordance with the faces of the cherubim and the faces of the Father – which is lion, ox or eagle – because God doesn’t look like we look like.  He can, if he wants, look like us but he can transform himself and appear as an old beggar if he wants, but over there He is an unbelievable being.  You would freak out if you saw that. So the priest would go (sings the name of Jahweh) and then he would turn around into the next direction, go (intoning a musical chord) the frequency, and then he would turn this way (visually demonstrates)

Even when I’m doing this i can feel what’s happening out there. Stuff happens when you do this.  I prayed like this over my son when he was in great danger – spiritual crap was around him and it was removed.  I believe some of the reasons why I had gruesome experiences in my journey of life is because I carried some of that revelation within and there was something that wanted to completely destroy me and stop me from talking about this.

I’m not the only person (who has such experience) There’s lots, millions, who’ll understand this.   So he would do this and suddenly there was a frequency created where the priest could walk through this veil.  There was a reason why the veil had to be there but he could walk through it, not open it; he was able to walk through it as if he was walking through a wall.  If people in witchcraft can do that in Africa, do you think a Hebrew priest – a priest! – couldn’t do that when the presence of the Creator is so much more powerful than the dark side.  He walked through it and then, on the other side, he would meet with the Father – because what would happen is that Jahweh would come stepping out and he would sit on this ark and he would actually sit with Him and speak with Him.  I tell you man, stuff would happen.  This is why when (King) David fought he could never be defeated when the ark was with him.  They knew when the Ark was with him, when he would go into war. Or when there were some nations like the philistines and all those types of guys, when they would fight against him he would always win, because the Ark was there.  There was a frequency with the Ark which means you’ve already won the battle; you don’t even have to worry about it.  At one point the Ark got stolen – I think it was the philistines that stole it but basically because it was in the wrong hands, all kinds of horrendous things began to happen.  People started breaking out in boils, started getting sick, started dropping dead and they begged David to take it back. They said “Take the thing away from us, man!  This is not working for us!” So David got the ark back. 

Do you realize – I know that’s hard to believe; I found it hard to believe when I heard it but I can guarantee you if you would contact….  when people say where’s the Ark of the Covenant you must have heard stories like that it’s in Ethiopia it’s somewhere here, it’s somewhere there. It was found years ago by a man called Ryan Wyatt who found it under the garden tomb in Jerusalem.  As we are speaking it is with the Israeli government.  They have the ark they have it.  It’s there.  But of course it’s not made public.  You can listen to a lot of stuff office also on Youtube because Ryan Wyatt filmed it when he excavated it, when he found it.  This was some time in the ‘80s I think it.  He died sadly.  He was so awestruck because he was given specific instructions where to find it in a set of dreams and a set of just directions.  He was a special man and you could see it. He got special permission from the Israeli government to excavate it.