Personal Credo - Adrian

Adrian says: “God is nature. It’s open for nature. Religion, if you go back far enough, came from the Sun God. I really believe that the Sun gave life.”

Adrian ia an antiquarian dealer among other things.


What is important to me is obviously my family and my children my grandchildren but everybody goes through a religious experience with the young coming to terms with their death, with what’s going around them, and going to church. That is how thought is found, mainly by religious Doctrine. When I was young in Cyprus it was a agricultural church and we had to attend the churches and celebration of the Saints and so on. As I got older I started studying and talking to other people and realized that religion is a personal thing. You have a choice of believing what you really believe. I didn’t really acknowledge that until much later on when I got older and I was involved in an accident about 15 years ago. I was in a coma for three months and when I came out things seemed different. I became a kind of philosopher.

I didn’t know where these things came from and I realized that the important things, what you regard as important, are not really important as you think they are. So I thought, why do I worry about these insignificant things and then I started informing my own kind of thinking after the Revelation. I read about the people who had these Revelations, whether it’s Paul of Tarsus or Barnabas or whether it’s John Miller, the American evangelist. I realized that everybody has a revelation in their lives. A lot of times its associated with divinity, with God. You don’t have to have a a revelation about what life is without the religious context. You can develop your own ideas. That’s proved by the different religions that are all around the world.

What is God to me – God is nature. It’s open for nature. Religion, if you go back far enough, came from the Sun God. I really believe that the Sun gave life. The Aztecs believed that and the ancestors believed that. The Western World believed that. It’s all to do with sun and without it there wouldn’t be life. A lot of the religious practices can go back to the Iraqis and the Persians. If you go back to the story of Adam and Eve it’s there in the Christian ideas and before Christianity was here.

The world is the world is a constant flux, a constant change, and because the world changes, people change. We struggle to find the meaning of life. That brings stress. Nobody wants to be stressed and also ignorance is fear, so we try we try to develop an ideal philosophy to placate ourselves to find meaning in our in our lives.

I said before religion is a personal thing and you don’t have to believe in God or whatever but I realized that a lot of prominent religious figures talk about ‘sound’ and so on and I realized that if you can actually say to God or say to Jesus please take my problems it actually works because if you have faith in God, then if you have a problem you say ‘God please take my problems’ and if you actually believe, it brings Comfort because every time you have fear, or about money worries, if you pass on your burden… The agnostics or non-religious people think there’s no God. There is a God even though I don’t believe in in God being up in heaven or whatever but there is a force and if you actually if you have faith, you can actually say if you kneel down and say ‘please God take my burden’ and if you have faith in what you believe in, faith in the power above you, you will find peace.

My sister a long time ago tried to commit suicide. She found God and that that saved her. She said ‘God please take my burden bear my burden.’ Religion is necessary and all these people who don’t believe in God and criticize religion, no, if there was no religion, we would have invented one. God is necessary to take our pain away

It takes a lot of soul searching to actually find peace in your mind. A lot of religious people I admire. I wish I had that faith that I can find peace in my life but I have found peace because I’ve realized that you don’t have to be on your knees and believe in all that but you have to have a personal philosophy in life. You know the truth. You try and make sense about what you can change and you can’t change. You know that you’re just as important as everybody else. Don’t think everybody’s better than you so and so on. You try to have a personal philosophy to conduct your life throughout your life. You don’t just listen to people, read about different cultures, about different ideas. The great philosophers write about all these things they’re all about how you can have peace in your lie. It’s about virtue; it’s about love; it’s about things that can enrich your life. You can only discover them not just by experience but talking to people and sometimes when you have a trauma in your life it kind of puts you at a different level. All these famous religious people that talk about Revelation they talk about it.

I was walking through the forest and I had a revelation. The Carter talked about it, you know, he had a fever and then people coming through the door he had a revelation and developed all these ideas. You could find your own place in life if you just study listen to people but sometimes to some people it comes naturally. People have to struggle to find an idea … like I said the world is in constant flux. Some people can go through life without even thinking about philosophy, about religion; they just go through life, live day to day. I know many people like that, they don’t care about this, they don’t care about that, and don’t give a *** about anybody. These people can be so peaceful but at the same time they neglect a lot of the responsibilities of Life.

People like me think about think about life in general about what’s going on in the world, about the crime in the world and so on. I’m always struggling to come to terms with it, to kind of make sense of the thing.

Whatever you believe in to be right…. nature knows the potential of every atom ….Nature – and if you know the potential of every atom, then you can bring up the past you can bring the future. Some people might say well you need quantum mechanics – you can’t predict that because two atoms could be the same place. But nature is a trillion times cleverer than that. It’s above that. So if Nature can predict the future, knows what’s going to happen. A Thousand Years time. It’s like a football coach, if you see your child, see their potential, they can predict that the child is going to be a great footballer. But nature is a trillion times cleverer than that coach. So if you can do that then you can bring predict what’s going to happen.

The course of nature is going to punish us, of course there’s going to be a flood, aHolocaust, because nature has a plan for us which we don’t know about and nature always will have. We like to be so clever, we like to think that we’re more important than the ants and the cows or whatever…. nature doesn’t distinguish between cows and grass and everything; if you as a cow say what’s the Apex of life, they, the cows, would say get rid of the humans….