Personal Credo - Henry

Amongst other things, Henry thinks the past is a part of the present


The first thing that came to my mind was my childhood and reflecting on the pure, naïve and ambiguous, almost reckless, person I think I probably was in childhood and I wonder why that person was like that. I think that the most important thing to me to start with, is to understand myself. Unless we understand our core - what turns us on and what makes us the way we think, why we have certain friends and not others - what gives me peace. I have been struggling in my years, now finally looking back and by looking back into my childhood I'm able to look forward into the rest of my days. I truly think that I am this fantasy man who has lived in this bubble of what he regards as a beautiful world - and that is nature. I think the most important thing to me is when I walk in the country or walk alone in the Streets of London or wherever when I walk, I find myself. It's funny; it has to be alone. It's something that I find that I can't share so in in some ways when I walk in the environment or nature, I say that I am part of that nature, I am part of those buildings outside, I'm part of something. And yet I'm dust at the end and no one would know I've even existed so my reflection as a person has become complex and yet simple. Who am I, what makes me love, or more importantly what brings me peace.

I haven't found that absolute answer to that question but the piece I know sits and lies in my childhood. I feel that from those unfettered (days). I hope because we almost look in some ways at our childhood as) with rose-coloured glasses - that's a terrible expression - but we always see the good side of things. I'd like to look at both sides of what my natural pure being was, and try and return to that, and if I reach that stage in my later life then I honestly think the life has been good I've made it, then I'm done, and that's all I feel that I need to search for