Benjamin Casteillo

Sep 21st, 2021

The podcast below raises a curtain on Benjamin Casteillo’s life and the motivation for his life work then encapsulates his many theories, of which one overarching idea is that the global community – as can happen with any individual – is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. In the case of humanity, famines, wars and the rest of what has afflicted mankind is an all but unending litany. The logic is this: we know how to treat an individual..!  In a striking phrase elsewhere he says: ‘When change is a vital need, sticking to the norms is an existential threat’.  A sine qua non is that we need to understand the problems in humanity’s psyche before we can fix them. Our innate drives were there to grapple with exigencies that no longer hold good and these drives are counterproductive if we wish to save our planet or, to be more accurate, ourselves and our future. We throw billions at symptoms and even these are (mis-)treated on a ‘one size fits all’ basis.  We are in denial of our nature and that is causing the problem. We need by contrast to delve into it so as to deal with outdated imperatives and connect the interdisciplinary dots, including inter alia harnessing all that we can learn from the sciences.

The theorising is cogent, well-expressed, and underpinned by practical steps that Casteillo is taking at ground level with individuals, starting with quiet meditation.  More thinking of this nature, more widely practised, will help us all.

Benjamin suggests that the following view of the current state of the World is instructive Read Here

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