Sofianos is an artist, a sculptor, and was not prepared for the interview on video and audio below of which the text immediately beneath is a summary. It was not done under professional conditions but was his ad hoc reaction to the question about what he sees of real significance in his life:

For me the most important thing is to have a connection with your soul and your spirit. That will give you all the answers you’re looking for in life.  It is so for every person’s life.  Everyone is looking for these answers.  What is the soul?  All the Greek philosophers such as Aristotle were thinking about the soul because it is the most unique thing in humankind. It doesn’t exist in anything else. That is why I think that humans are so perfectly designed because they have soul and are not just flesh and bones.  They have emotions, they have feelings, and all this came from the soul.  So, connection with the soul is the most important thing and the deepest meaning of life – from your soul comes love, thinking, creativity, imagination, inspiration, and everything.  My theory and my purpose in life is to find the connection with my soul and have pure intentions to do anything in life.