Graham Priest on ‘Entanglement’ underscores the philosophical idea that everything depends on everything else. When trying to observe a position, you push it and disturb its position sending it elsewhere. It is ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’. A paper by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen showed that particles apart at great distances can yet signal instantaneously, something which the theoretician John Bell said was possible in the Bell Theorem. This blends in with Buddhist approach to Reality, nature of the Universe etc as regards the view that Nothing stands alone and Everything is dependent on all else (a case of all holding hands) – the Theory of Dependent Origination. The probability is that every particle – probably from the inception of the cosmos – is interconnected with every other particle. Each particle is paired and each has an equal and opposite pull. There is no geographic limit to the distance over which this takes place. The deciding point at any given instant at which an outcome – of the positive or negative charge, say – is realised is at the point that it is observed. Until that point, alternative outcomes of situations are possible.