Jul 27th, 2022

A topic that is transfixing thinkers today is that of consciousness. We all have it but what is it?

There is a parallel here with ‘reflection’, an ability we all have to greater or lesser degree, often that we take for granted without stopping to reflect about it and it’s value and how it may be better appreciated and even enhanced, quite aside from it’s inherent fascination.

There are forums which are devoted to discussing consciousness, for instance:

L’Agora is a French organisation which has a website that inter alia is designed to discuss changes and mutations which are taking place in human consciousness in our time.  One of its ideals is to help develop a divine being in the individual. The founder was a successful businessman who noted the improvements in his health when he took career steps in a direction that better fitted his personal goals.

Dr Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist, is Professor of Psychology, Philosophy, and Neurology at the University of Southern California. He communicates his concepts about the problem of consciousness in a succinct manner.  He is one among many thinkers exploring this topic, some cited below.

Consciousness – Nicholas Greaves

An analysis of how the combination of memory and intuition comprise the principal constituents of consciousness by incorporation of principles of randomness and quantum entanglement. Here is a link to the contents page of one of Mr Greaves' publications

Sir Roger Penrose & Dr. Stuart Hameroff: Consciousness and the Physics of the Brain

Donald Hoffman on Consciousness

Consciousness is Not a Computation

The Neuroscience of Consciousness

How do you explain consciousness?