International Affairs

It does not fall within the ambit of this non-party-political institute to jump into the soup of any controversy in international affairs in the sense of taking sides let alone in a polemical way. A balanced approach to all sides, a willingness to keep an open mind, is in line with our Aims, with a preference for the ideas of people who look at situations with an objective, intelligent eye, usually without a vested interest in an outcome. Above all, the question is posed: ‘What is the way forward?’

A reasoned approach is adopted by Robin Davies, a barrister writing on CLIMATE CHANGE in the paper to which this is a link.

There are many solutions advocated for how to tackle Climate Change and it may be more helpful to concentrate on these solutions rather than whether man or nature is primarily respobnsible. Deep beneath our feet is a molten ball of energy the same temperature as the surface of the sun – an immense clean energy source that could power the world thousands of times over, says technologist and climate activist James C. Beard. How do we tap it? There is a surprising solution, and an unlikely alliance, to harvest geothermal energy from the Earth’s core and get it to anywhere in the world. This link gives a synoptic idea of what is involved.



Who in the West sits up at the name of Ms Youyou Tu? Malaria is a killer epidemic with records in traditional Chinese medical literature dating from the Zhou Dynasty. Three thousand years ago Zhou Lia published his findings. Youyou Tu took from them what she...

The International Political Stage

Questions below are simply a few suggested subjects for debate Truth is buoyant – it will surface at some point and become obvious to all.  Chinese proverb For Aristotle, there was a wisdom that brought people closer to divine rationality, ‘sophia’. This wisdom...